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                                                             ESCAPE TV on WKYI-TV 24.3


Like crime and mystery? Then you will love ESCAPE TV!

And new in 2019, if you like Law & Order, Scandal, and Boston Legal-- you'll see it on ESCAPE TV!

Enjoy everything from big name films on the silver screen to reality-based crime dramas. And you will be on the edge of your seat with Unsolved Mysteries, Snapped, and Forensic Files! Slip Away on ESCAPE TV on 24.3!   

ESCAPE can be viewed in the Louisville Metro with a digital antenna on 24.3                                                                                                                                  

Click here to view the ESCAPE TV program schedule.


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                                                           CHARGE! TV on WKYI-TV 24.6

It is non-stop action and excitement on CHARGE! TV. It is exclusively in the Louisville Television Market on WKYI-TV 24.6! CHARGE! TV includes some of the best Hollywood Movies including the James Bond and Rocky classics as well as action packed television shows including In the Heat of the Night and The Magnificient Seven!

CHARGE! TV can be viewed in the Louisville Metro with a digital antenna on 24.6.

Click here to view the CHARGE! TV program schedule.




                                                             SHOP LC on WKYI-TV 24.4


  WKYI-TV 24.4 is now Shop LC! Have fun watching and checking out the great deals! Shop LC has everything from home decor, jewelry, fashion, & more!  It's exciting! It's Shop LC!  And in the mornings before or between shopping, enjoy some of your favorite local shows on WKYI-TV 24.4, now Shop LC!

SHOP LC can be viewed in the Louisville Metro with a digital antenna on WKYI-TV 24.4

Click here to view the Shop LC program schedule.


      Now on WKYI-TV 24.7 enjoy a fun shopping experience with Jewelry Television!   JTV  offers extraordinary products with exclusive JTV jewelry brands, plus gemstones from around the world. JTV has everything: Rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other collectables!    

JTV can be viewed in the Louisville Metro with a digital antena on 24.7.



 John Conti Coffee is the official coffee of the Kentuckiana Broadcast Group of stations: WMYO-TV 24.1. WKYI-TV 24.2, and INFO-TV on 24.5  To learn more about the local coffee company, simply go online to to find out where you can purchase and enjoy it! And if you are a business looking for regular and decaf coffee along with all set-up equipment, why not let John Conti help! They serve hundreds of businesses in Kentucky and Southern Indiana everyday!

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